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10 Items Every Parent Should Have in Their Diaper Bag

Upon the arrival of a new addition to your family, whether it's your first baby or far from your first rodeo, one of the most important items to have stocked is your best friend - the diaper bag. Diaper bags are important when leaving the house with a baby, for any potential needs, accidents, and emergencies. Whether you are just running out for a quick errand, or you’re planning to be out and about for an extended period of time, the one thing you always want to have with you is your diaper bag. 

Diapers...duh. One of the most intuitive items to keep a stash of in your diaper bag is nothing else but the diaper. Diapers yielded the original purpose of the diaper bag and are one of the most crucial essentials to always have on hand when out and about with an infant. After all, the last thing you want your neighbors at the restaurant to smell, is a full diaper. Always make sure to keep your diaper bag stacked with plenty of spare diapers, and always factor in a couple of extra ones. 

Wet wipes An item that goes hand in hand with the diapers are wet wipes. Not just for diaper changes, but also for any sticky, drooly accidents and messes. Wet wipes will become your best friend, and once you start wiping down your entire life with them, you won’t be able to stop. Not just for baby butts, baby wipes are also essential for keeping other baby-related essentials such as teething necklaces or pacifiers clean. Once you get in the wet wipe groove, it will be hard to live without them. Your pet has dirty paws? Wet wipes. Juice spill on the counter? Wet wipes. Dusty car dash? Wet wipe. Stress and sleep deprivation? Wet wipe. 

Extra pacifiers If your baby loves their pacifier, keeping at least a couple of extra pacifiers on reserve is essential, in case one gets lost or dirty. If you don't want to take up the extra space in your diaper bag, you can use your teething necklace to keep your little ones pacifier in place, away from bacteria, germs and being lost. The smartest choice not only for hygiene and loss prevention but also for convenience. 

Teether Teethers are definitely essential to keep in your diaper bag, even when those little teeth aren't quite there yet. Teething can hit you any time after your little one hits the 3-month mark and the last thing you want to be at that time is unprepared, without a teether. Even before the little incisors start bothering your bebe, there are many previous uses for your teether, given you choose the correct one. Bebsi’s teething necklaces are versatile, and teething rings can be removed in the early stages, and exchanged for pacifiers, making the teething necklace an all-around handy accessory to carry in your diaper bag. If you choose one of Bebsi’s Cozy teething necklaces, your teething necklace can also double as a spit cloth and blanket. 

Formula / blanket for nursing Whether you are breastfeeding or using a bottle, being prepared to take care of a hungry baby is a top priority on the go. If you are breastfeeding, carrying a blanket so you can comfortably breastfeed on the go is essential (if you feel it is- if not - Yay! Normalize breastfeeding!). Burp cloths are useful to keep you, baby and your clothes free of any spills. If your baby is using formula, the easiest way to keep it in your diaper bag on the go is a formula stack container. These containers let you pre-portion your formula, and all you need in addition is a bottle with water to mix it with. 

Spare change of clothes Accidents happen… more frequently with babies. We all know how fast leakages can happen. Therefore carrying a spare set of clothing in your diaper bag is one of the best choices you can make, in case you are ever in the situation. The last thing you want is to be out during a leak, and not have anything to change your little one into. While you are changing your little one, you can use your teething necklace as a distraction and toy. 

Snacks Of course being prepared for any potential needs your little one may have is important as a mom, however, this shouldn't distract you from thinking about your needs and yourself. During your busy routine as a mom, don’t forget about your own needs and hunger. Especially when you are breastfeeding, hunger can creep up to you in the midst of being busy with your little one. The last thing you want to be when dealing with a baby is hangry. Don’t let yourself get hangry. 

These are some of the essentials we recommend to keep in your diaper bag. Naturally, every baby and every mom has different preferences and these items will differ from mother to mother. Regardless, it is always helpful to have suggestions of other mothers in your shoes, and take suggestions of what they find useful to keep in their diaper bag. We all need a little inspiration, help and advice from our fellow moms every now and then. 

After all, the last thing you want to be is out and unprepared with an unhappy newborn. When choosing and selecting all the separate items to include in your diaper bag, make sure you pick the right items. Today, a lot of products are produced using low-quality toxic ingredients full of BPA’s. This can have long-term negative effects on you and your little one. In order to prevent these dangers, make sure to research all the products and which materials they use. Here at Bebsi, we only use the best and safest materials for our teething necklaces and teethers, and make a conscious effort to create a safer product for our - as well as your - children. That being said, get packin’, it’s never too early to pack your diaper bag! Dont forget your Bebsi teething necklace.

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