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Alternatives to Medicine for Teething Pains

We all know, teething can be one of the most testing and dreaded phases of raising an infant. With pains and swollen gums plaguing our little ones, it is not unusual to feel completely defeated and helpless. Along with the new skills they pick up daily, and constantly improving motor skills, teething and the ever increasing urge to put everything in their mouth in combination can definitely be a parenting nightmare. From parents to parents, we feel for you. We know what your bebe and you are going through, and we are here for it all. 

Are you unsure about what you can do to help your little one through this difficult time? Unsure what the best products are, and whether there are any additional ailments to support your baby through this tough time such as medicine or a teething necklace. We’re here to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Many believe that during the teething phase, babies should be given anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medications and gels, in order to relieve them of pain. However, doing so can be risky, as babies are more sensitive to medications than older children and adults, and possible side effects can be much more severe. Therefore, many opt for other alternatives and prefer not to use medication in order to soother their babies in the early stages of their life. No matter what your opinion is on this topic, never use any topical remedies containing benzocaine, as it is known to possibly lead to dangerous side effects. Benzocaine is an ingredient in many topical baby teething gels. In order to avoid this ingredient, make sure to read through the ingredients carefully. Before purchasing any over the counter medications, make sure to consult with your pediatrician and be recommended a custom dosage for your baby. 

As an alternative to medicine, there are many things you can do in order to make your little one more comfortable when they are uncomfortable from teething. Cold cloths, Teething necklaces and gentle pressure on the gums should be able to relive your baby from discomfort. 

Teething necklaces are one of the most versatile products that can have many uses for you and your baby. Firstly, the soft yet firm consistency of the food grade silicone of a quality teething necklace or teether such as a Bebsi teether can alleviate the pain of soon protruding teeth by helping them apply soft pressure by themselves. Babies can bite and chew on teethers and can alleviate their pain on their own accord. Furthermore, the beads and clip of the necklace are additional benefits, as the beads are also chewable, and the clip keeps the teether from getting lost or being dropped and exposed to unnecessary germs repetitively. 

When choosing the correct teething necklace, make sure to Another surprising way to alleviate your bebe from the aches and pains of teething is your own hand. Using your clean fingers, in combination with water, you can gradually apply pressure to your bebes gums carefully and cease some of the pain. Since your little one trusts you, they may feel most comfortable relieving their discomfort this way than any other way, however, always be aware and careful. Even though they don't have a full set of teeth yet, their bite can hurt, as they have no idea of their own jaw strength, and don’t know when they are hurting you. 

Who knew cold, moist cloth could make your bebe feel better while their teeth are making their first appearance. Simple but effective, gently massaging your little one's gums with a cool, moist cloth can work wonders in a cost-efficient, quick and easy way. If you are smart enough to be in possession of our The Cozy teether, you can use the attached organic cloth by wetting it with cold water, or placing it in the freezer just long enough for it to get cold. 

If nothing else is working to relieve your baby, you may want to consider the last resort - ice cream. Homemade baby-friendly ice cream can be made easily of many different ingredients and is a great option for the little ones for many reasons. The odds are in your favor when it comes to ice cream, as you can customize it to your babies favorite flavors, and the cold gently soothes and numbs their gums effortlessly. 

Before considering teething pain medication, try natural remedies and teething toys to try and ease your little ones discomfort naturally by letting them apply pressure by themselves. A teething necklace is a perfect solution to many of your little one's teething needs, and it won’t ever get lost, thanks to its clippable clasps. Teethers are not just a useful, but also a cute accessory. With many colors to choose from, bead shapes, and even textures like marble - these cute little beaded teethers are not an eyesore, but an adorable accessory that will stay where you need to stay. 

Lastly, make sure you continuously use a cloth to wipe up any excess drool in order to avoid unnecessary rashes. Baby skin is extremely sensitive and can get irritated and develop a rash from being moist for an extended amount of time. During the teething time, babies excessively drool, and it is especially important to wipe up continuously and keep their skin dry and in good shape. Some teething necklaces include a cloth that will help do this. 

All in all, there are many alternatives to the potentially risky option of giving your little one medication for their teething pain. Side effects do not necessarily have to occur with every baby, however, the risk of a reaction to the medicine is a scary reality that many parents want to avoid at any cost. Medication doesn't always have to be the solution. Get a teething necklace, and try it out first.

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