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Bebsi Teethers and Their Many Uses

You have finally gotten into a routine with your new bebe, and you are both getting in the groove of things - and here it comes, the first tooth. Teething is a turbulent time in you and your babies life. You both have no idea what is going on, and the communication isn't too great yet either.  With every phase come hurdles, challenges, and corresponding accessories and tools in order to get you through them. Rather than investing in toys that are obsolete within weeks of purchase, why not consider options that are versatile and can be used in different ways and stages of your life. Our Bebsi teethers are adaptable in nature and have a multitude of different uses. Teething is not something that comes with a warning, the symptoms appear practically out of thin air. Whether you wake up one morning and your baby is extra drooly, or they wake you in the middle of the night with a slight fever, you want to be prepared. Having a product on hand that you can rely on for teething support is ideal. Before the first tooth makes its way in your little one's life, a useful accessory to be in possession of is a pacifier clip. Pacifiers, unfortunately, end up anywhere but your little one's mouth many times and too often on the germy floor. If you find yourself washing and sanitizing pacifiers over and over throughout the day, a beaded pacifier clip is your best move. Not only are they useful, but they can also be a cute accessory. If you purchase a teething necklace by Bebsi, it can conveniently be transformed from a pacifier clip into a teething necklace, by attaching the all-natural coconut oil treated teething ring to the beaded cord instead of a pacifier. Your clothes will agree with you on this one - burp cloths are essential for the first year of your babies life. If you’re not using them preventatively, you are definitely using them to clean up the consequences of not using it preventatively. Keeping up with multiple baby accessories and tracking them all down one by one before going anywhere is no one's favorite past time. Wouldn't it be convenient to combine multiple uses into one product? Thankfully, our Cozy is not only a burping cloth made of organic knit cotton that can be removed and washed any time, but it is also a teething ring. The attached ring is our signature Bebsi 100% Canadian maple, coconut oil treated teething ring. Tied to the cozy, it is a toy, teether and burp cloth all in one. From the get-go, baby drools will be a part of your everyday life for an extended amount of time. Along with the emergence of their first teeth, a tidal wave of drool will catch you off guard and enter your life for the unforeseeable future. When this sudden but significant increase in drool enters your life, be sure to stay prepared with every mom's weapon of choice - a cloth to keep your little one dry. You will make frequent use of it, and the quality of the cloth plays an important role here. In order to avoid raw skin and skin irritation from continuous wiping or wetness due to drooling, choosing a soft, natural cloth is vital. All Bebsi cloths are soft as can be, washable, and double as a teething ring. The best two in one for your babies teething needs. As an additional pro, use your disattached cloth as a blanket or snuggle toy. The cute designs of our Bebsi cloths make it even harder to stop your little ones from using them in many ways forever. It even makes a cute Bandana! Back to one of our teething necklaces, The Fringe. The fringe is a cute accessory, for the mama, or for the little one. Whether you use it for its intended use, for your little one to chomp on, or as an accessory for either of you, this teething necklace is extremely versatile. A teething necklace that will never slip out of you or your little one's fingers. It is cute and can be worn by parents in order to ensure it will not get lost. If you choose a Bebsi teether, each and everyone will be versatile and offer not just one, but multiple benefits. With the convenient loop on the minimalist, attaching anything so it does not get lost is as simple as can be. Make changes as your bebe changes, and take every piece on and off according to your preferences.

What more could you ask of a teething necklace, to grow with you throughout different phases in your baby's development? When it comes to actual teething, Bebsi teethers use only the best materials and have your little one's best interest in mind. Using only 100% food grade silicone, a natural cord and 100% Canadian maple wood, this teething necklace is guaranteed to be baby mouth-friendly. There are many different models and color combinations to choose from along with different bead sizes. You are guaranteed to find something that matches you and your little one’s style. Should you have any more questions about the versatility of each of our models, colors, styles or anything else, just contact us! We are more than happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the perfect teether or teethers for you and your bebe. We picked out the safest ingredients and cutest designs for you, so all you have to do is pick and choose. Pick your teething necklace, and let your little one chomp down on it!  

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