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Bebsi Teethers – Safety First

When it comes to any baby related accessory, safety is always the top priority. With the amount of time, effort and love you pour into growing your little ones, the last thing you want to do is purchase a baby product with a lack of security features. Young infants in particular, have limited coordination skills and could not escape a potentially dangerous outcome. Therefore, it is our responsibility as their parents, to foreshadow any potential danger of the products we purchase for them, carefully selecting products, especially teething necklaces. One of the most popular and debatable baby products related to teething is the Amber teething necklace. These necklaces are popular with parents, and are often gifted. Known for their debatable holistic anti-inflammatory qualities, these necklaces are produced and distributed through numerous sellers, and often are strung on a regular elastic band. Even though advertised to be beneficial, these teething necklaces often lack safety features and ignore the basic and intuitive suggestion that young children should not be given necklaces, to prevent possible choking hazards and accidental strangulation. In addition, the thinner, elastic bands of traditional amber teething necklaces can easily give when exposed to extensive chewing and pose an extreme choking hazard. The last thing you want to worry about frequently or risk is your baby chewing the necklace apart and ingesting or choking on one of the beads. This is a dangerous potential safety concern that any parent should keep in mind when making their purchase decision for a teether. Amber teething necklaces have been involved in tragic accidents with babies, and should not be worn by young children, especially babies or toddlers. The majority of Bebsi teethers, are not designed to be worn as a necklace. Instead, they offer relief for teething babies through beds and a teething ring that are attached to clothing with a breakaway clasp. Because they do not wrap around babies necks, they are safer in comparison to traditional amber necklaces. If you are set on a teething necklace, the Bebsi Fringe offers two different lengths and a breakaway clasp safety feature. Not only is the snap clasp a major safety feature, designed to snap away at any pressure, but it also allows you to interchange some of the teething accessories and switch them out for pacifiers, on some of our teethers such as the minimalist and chunk. Because of the breakaway clasp, Bebsi’s Fringe teethers are a safer alternative to traditional teething necklaces. In addition to safety features related to choking hazards, materials are another factor to consider when choosing your teething accessory for your baby. Many baby accessories are mass-manufactured to make the highest possible profit margin, however they are made of toxic, BPA loaded materials that can be harmful to your little ones long term. Because of these potential risks, Bebsi teethers are made out of the best ingredients we could find. 100% food grade silicone, quality canadian maple and organic silk cords make our teethers safe for your little ones mouth. Because teethers are constantly in your babies mouth and subjected to saliva, it is vital that we as parents are conscious of the products and materials in their mouths. Don’t choose a teether that is bad for your bebe’s health, and that counteracts any potential benefits a regular teether has for your little ones. Hygiene is key, especially when it comes to your little one and their sensitive immune system. Having a toy, accessory or teether that is easily washable is essential in order to keep your bebe healthy. Therefore one of the key considerations when choosing your baby's next accessory, should be the ability to keep it clean easily. Thankfully, your Bebsi teether will not get dirty or germy as much as other teethers might, because it features a clasp that prevents it from falling on the floor or other places. Need we say more?? Safety is so incredibly important when it comes to your learning, uncoordinated little bundles of joy. We get it, it's not possible to have your eyes on your little one every single second of the day, but there are certainly preventative measures we can take to ease our minds. We work so hard to have those little bundles of joy here, and there is nothing we would stop at for them to have a safe upbringing. All in all, make sure to choose anything that you subject your little one to with additional considerations than even your own products. It is vital not to subject our children to any harmful ingredients or materials early on in their lives, and risk potentially dangerous side effects that may negatively impact your child's health and development. Of course, we want you to use our cool little teethers as much as possible but sometimes that just isn't enough.. When your bebe is having an extra rough day teething, try popping your teething necklace in the fridge for a little. The cool beads can soothe your little ones gums. In addition, you can gently massage your little ones gums with your fingers or a wet washcloth. Try to stay away from medicine and over the counter teething gels, they can have negative consequences and are not safe for your little ones without monitoring by a physician. At Bebsi, you can rest assured that the materials used to make our cute little teethers are the best on the market, and that they do not contain toxic ingredients. If you are interested in learning more about our story, and what inspired us to make BPA and toxin-free teethers, head to our about us page, to find out why it is so important to us. We as parents, are all on this crazy ride together and are here for all our Bebsi Moms and Dads. In this tough time, supporting each other is important, and can be a lifesaver at times. Lets tackle this teething journey together, and lets do it the right way, the Bebsi way.

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