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Natural Remedies For Your Little One’s Teething Journey

Your bebes teething journey can be a wild ride, here at Bebsi we have some natural and eco-friendly remedies to help navigate your littles to calmer seas. Babies as young as 2 to 24 months of age can feel the pain of teething. Signs of this teething milestone mostly include tender swollen gums, irritability, troubled nights sleep (for you and your bebe), fever, cough, diarrhea, as well as the infant wanting to put fingers into their mouths to reduce the pain. One of the oldest tricks in a mama’s invisible book is to apply cold pressure to aid and soothe the aching gums of a teething tot. Any cold pressure helps to alleviate inflammation as well as numbs the child's gums. This remedy can be done naturally by letting your baby chew on a frozen washcloth or suck on a cold metal spoon that was in the freezer for 15 minutes. Chunks of frozen fruit to chew on through a mesh teether or teething necklace will also help soothe your aggravated baby. As temperatures soar this summer another delicious, organic alternative is to create DIY ice-pops. If you mamas are already making your little ones their own baby food, what a better way to use up that excess fruit or veggie purees? If your baby is still drinking breast milk or formula that too can be mixed in with the pops. Simply add the mixture to your favorite popsicle mold and let them freeze overnight, the next day you have a healthy, satisfying treat for your cranky angel that most likely kept you up all night. Pear, avocado, and breast milk are a common favorite flavor combination! 

Many moms are on the go so Bebsi created a silicone teether made from 100% non-toxic, food-grade silicone, that is safe from bacteria. An easy, safe chew toy to keep your baby happy and busy is what Bebsi does best. Our Bebsi teethers and teething necklaces are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead and cadmium, for all the mamas out there wondering. The teethers come in all shapes, sophisticated colors, and sizes to best suit your unhappy beb. Just pop your Bebsi teether or teething necklaces in the fridge for that extra soothing, cooling effect. The cute Bebsi designs are crafted to be functional and yet fashionable. Like the mini surfboard teether in soft summer colors like teal, coral, and orange. Each surfboard comes with a 100% cotton leash that is a cozy fit for your baby’s ankle, essential for your teething surfer babe. If silicone isn’t cutting it for your Bebsi bebe, a 100% Candaian Maple wooden ring teether or teething necklace is also an essential. The wooden ring is sanded smooth and set in an organic coconut oil to give it its antibacterial properties. The wood acts as a great agent to apply hard pressure, with a bite proof formula. A Bebsi option available is called The Minimalist, fully equipped with 100% food-safe silicone beads and a wooden ring strung onto a silk loop that comes with an easy clip and pacifier loop attachment. Another fun Bebsi offer is the personalized touch of his or her name, initials, or sweet endearments can be strung using our silicone safe beads. This makes a great baby shower, birthday, or any occasion gift. 

Earth-loving mamas are also all about the Baltic Amber, or fossilized tree resin teething necklaces on infants. It is said that the child’s body heat releases the natural oils of the amber known as succinic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. If you’re a mama on the market for Baltic Amber necklace make sure to do your research, as many sold can be fakes and many safety precautions are available to read up on as well. Bebsi offers teething necklaces too for your mini teethers. This teething necklace can be worn by the teether or around the mother’s neck while your baby sits on your lap or while breastfeeding. This stylish teething necklace accessory is designed to look like fringe, yet made up of our teething, friendly silicone and strung onto a silk cord with a snap clasp for fastening. The Fringe is offered in colors like blush, grey, tie dye, and black. Your Bebsi bebe will be the next trendsetter rolling down the streets in The Fringe. Moving passed the teething necklace accessories, mamas are taking an herbal remedy route. Essential oils from natural ingredients such as rosehip, clove, vanilla extract, ginger root, and chamomile all acts as agents to aid the swelling, painful teething era. Any of these herbs can be boiled and made into a tea to be consumed as a beverage or frozen onto a clean washcloth before freezing. Vanilla extract is said to have properties that soothe a baby’s anxiety, dampen a cotton ball with the extract and rub onto their tiny gums, the small traces of alcohol will warm and comfort the throbbing region. Another home remedy it to mix ground cloves with organic coconut oil or butter and rub like a paste onto the baby’s gums, the cloves contain oils with natural numbing properties. The ginger root is an anti-inflammatory, chinese cultures slice the ginger and rub the fresh oils straight onto the baby’s gums. 

At the end of the day a good mini rub down could be what your baby needs to calm down and soothe his or herself. With clean hands gently rub your baby’s gums with a knuckle or finger. At least this can help temporarily, just steer clear of the occasional bite! Smart mamas always have some lavender oil on hand as well, take advantage of the calming properties that are all natural. Mix a few drops into warm water at bath time are massaging the oil onto the bottom of their feet. The lavender oil mixes with the bloodstream and can help relax a stressed baby (or mom). The adventures of teething babies can be challenging, but with the help of Bebsi and other natural remedies you and your little can get through anything. Try these easy home techniques to soothe your bebes gums one tooth at a time. 

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