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Teething Necklace – Considerations Before Purchasing One

Growing teeth is a difficult, painful, and frustrating process for your baby. When teeth start breaking through your babies gums slowly but surely, the pressure and discomfort of it can result in an extra cranky baby. There are many symptoms you can spot the arrival of a tooth by, some being sleepless nights, drooling, crankiness and loss of appetite. Teething, unfortunately, comes with some pain and discomfort. In order to prevent your baby from having additional pain and discomfort, parents should be prepared, and purchase a teething necklace as soon as possible.

Teething necklaces can be used to satisfy the increased desire to chew that babies experience during teething. Through chewing and biting of the teething necklace, gentle pressure is applied to the gums, which helps sore and swollen gums and alleviates pain temporarily. There are many products on the market that offer relief for babies that are teething. However, not all products support their claims and many are made of toxic materials that are not healthy for your baby, especially long term.

Silicone is a commonly used material in the production of teething rings. Due to its firmness and simultaneous soft give, it is the perfect material for babies to apply pressure to their sore gums with. Equally its malleable nature, soft and shatterproof qualities make for the perfect material for a toy. Silicone can come in many fun colors, and its soft feel is great for baby toys and other items such as pacifiers, bottle tops and other items.

Even though Silicone is one of the best materials to use for a kids toy, it can often include fillers with harmful ingredients and added chemicals that are unhealthy, when sourced from the wrong manufacturers. When selecting a teething necklace for your baby, it is vital to the health of your baby to research products, toys, and teethers that contain only high-quality 100% food grade silicone. Additionally, reassure yourself that the teethers are free of BPA’s, PVC’s, phthalates, lead, and cadmium. Long list of considerations and ingredients to avoid? We know. That’s why we are passionate about creating safe and toxin free teethers for your bebe, so all you have to worry about is which one fit’s your bebes swag the best.

When choosing a product including a wood ring, selecting one that is made from high-quality, natural wood is essential. Equally, as with Silicone, the wrong wood can be treated with chemicals and include toxic chemicals that are not safe for babies mouths. Bebsi teether rings are made of 100% Canadian maple, that is precisely sanded to be smooth, and soothed with organic coconut oil. It is important to consider all materials when choosing the correct teether, as all parts of it will inevitably end up in your babies mouth.

Equally, as any other element on a teething necklace, the beads and string of a teether should be selected as mindfully as any other piece. Even though the beads connecting the ring to the clip are not the purpose of the purchase and main teething piece, they are equally as important to be of the same quality. Babies often find interest in the parts of a toy that was not the original intention of purchase, and it is therefore almost guaranteed the string and beads will be in your bebes mouth in no time. When purchasing a teething necklace, assure yourself that the beads are made of 100% food grade silicone and toxin free, natural wood, and they are strung on a silk cord, that was not treated with any toxic chemicals and dyes. If your teething necklace or ring is attached to a cozy blanket, of course, that should be included in the considerations to make when choosing the correct teething product. For feel and choosing the correct materials, a blanket made out of organic knit cotton is the correct choice to make. When choosing a blanket your baby will hold on to, sleep on and put in their mouth - organic knit cotton is the best ingredient to choose.

Lastly, the most fun of all considerations to weigh when choosing your bebe’s first teether is the design and functionality. There are plenty of products on the market, but few are made of only the most high-end ingredients, are cute in style and are functional. Bebsi teethers have modern patterns, colors, and designs. Cute little clips secure select Bebsi teethers to you, your baby or your babies stroller. If you choose the Fringe, you can give it to your bebe to keep around his neck like a necklace, equally - you can wear it around yours to keep it safe. Functionality on point.

All these are materials and aspects to consider when choosing a teether for your precious bebe. The list is long, but each point is a valid consideration to take into account when choosing a product your baby will have in its mouth for an extended period of time during teething. A lot of products include ingredients that are not 100% free of toxic ingredients and should not be used in teething necklaces, or any baby toys and accessories. Always make sure you choose the best possible materials and products for anything that comes in contact with your baby, and could potentially harm them in the long run.

All in all, the list of considerations when choosing the correct teether for your bebe seems long and dreadful. We know you’re already reading label after label trying to decipher how healthy some of the ingredients in daily items are in the long term for your baby. You’re doing your best momma. We are just trying to make it simple for you, we researched all the ingredients and created the perfect and safe teether for our babies, now we’re sharing our knowledge and teethers with you. Let us help you keep your little one healthy for years to come.

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