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Teething Necklaces – When to Start Looking Into Them

Babies - the biggest blessing to their parents in this world. As their parents - you would do anything to keep that smile on their face and relieve them of any discomfort. You just barely found a routine and sleep schedule for you and your baby, and now the fussing, drooling and slight fever are bothering your little one. Not to mention the constant struggle to keep anything in reach out of their mouth. Teething can impact your little one anytime and as early as 3 months old. So when is the right time to start preparing for your baby to start teething?

Teething symptoms can silently sneak up on you and your little one. Whether a very slight fever, profuse drooling, non-stop chewing on everything in reachable distance or the worst side effect of the emerging culprit - pain. These symptoms can come in bundles, or sneak up on you one by one. It is important for you to be prepared at first sight of any of these.

Ideally, you should use the peace and quiet you have before the arrival of your little one to look into tips, products and ways to help your baby when the first tooth is pushing through their gums.  One of the most important factors to consider when choosing any product for a baby should be the materials and ingredients. Exposure to toys made with toxic ingredients can have long-term negative impacts and are anything but healthy or environmentally conscious. Because many companies producing products to help teething babies such as a teething necklace do not use non-toxic, organic, BPA free materials, it is smart to research and order products ahead of time.

Teething necklaces are a teething essential for you and your baby. Right around the time your little one starts grabbing anything within his or her reach and immediately steers it in the direction of their mouth, is the time you should have a quality teething necklace handy. Your teething necklace will be your number one tool and best friend during your babies lengthy teething journey. A high-quality and safe teething necklace should use only non-toxic ingredients, specifically food grade silicone, BPA, PVC lead and cadmium free. All other materials used should be organic, antibacterial and sustainable. A long list of important considerations? We know. That is why every single Bebsi teething necklace is designed to take all concerns off of your plate so you can solely focus on soothing your baby in this time of confusion and pain for them.

There are different styles of teething necklaces, most being either wearable like a necklace or clippable so you can secure it to your baby or yourself, and ensure it won’t end up on the floor and attract any unnecessary dirt and bacteria. In the world of a teething baby, nothing is off limits when it comes to chewing on absolutely anything within reach. Every part of a teething necklace should be baby-gum friendly including the cord and every bead. When you prepare for teething, make sure you select a smart teething necklace that can accommodate your babies chewing demands from every angle.

A less significant yet still important aspect of choosing the best teething necklace for your bebe, is swag. Why pick a boring old teether when you can have a cute little surfboard, personalized letter beads, a juice box and all the cutest colors and designs to pick from. Since your high-quality teether will last a long time, and can even be a hand-me-down, selecting something you love the style of as an accessory is an additional perk. Functional and cute, toxin free and made to last, what more can you ask for in a teething necklace?

Aside from the correct teething accessories, there are other things you can do to prepare for your babies teething journey before it is in full effect. Inform yourself of over the counter remedies in case your baby has an especially painful tooth coming in. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with little tricks that will help your baby throughout the day, such as putting your teething necklace in the freezer for a short period of time, as the cold can help relieve some pain, and soothe your baby’s gums. Applying gentle pressure to the gum with a wet cloth or finger can additionally relieve some discomfort from the teeth breaking through. In addition, make sure you stay on top of drying your babies drool, in order to prevent skin irritation. There are many more little tips and tricks, hacks and remedies to help your teething baby, many of which you can get from your fellow mamas.

All in all, there is no time early enough to start preparing for your babies first teeth. Get a head start and prepare as early as your pregnancy, or as soon as possible after birth. Of course, you want only the best for your little one - so choose a teething necklace, along with teething accessories that include only the best ingredients, and prioritize your babies well being. In a world filled with toxic materials, toys and baby accessories made solely for profit, without your child's well-being in mind - make sure mindfully choose your products. Teething necklaces don’t strictly have to be for babies in full teething mode, it can be a toy, distraction or a clip-able pacifier loop too. Most importantly, all Bebsi products are the perfect distraction for a curious baby getting a hang of their motor skills. Bebsi is run by mamas who share the same concerns for their kiddos as you, and who go above and beyond in order to ensure your baby isn’t putting anything toxic in their mouth that they shouldn’t. Get a head start on your babies teething needs, you don’t want to be late to the party.

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