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Baby Shower Gift like a Pro

Pregnancy is an exciting time in any woman's life, as well as the fathers, family and friends. With many exciting milestones, ultrasound pictures and pre-birth activities to anticipate, there are also many exciting events, celebrations and parties related to preparing for the birth of a child in your circle. Whether as a friend or family member, purchasing the appropriate gifts for baby showers, gender and pregnancy reveals and the birth, can be difficult and anxiety inducing. Some have time to put together a registry and provide with the option to purchase an item on it, others leave the gifting up to you entirely. 

When purchasing an item for a relative, colleague or friend in your circle, choosing an item that is useful, functional and cute at the same time is difficult. With many items to choose from, choosing the correct item is stressful but important. With a multitude of low-quality produced baby clothes, accessories and items swamping the stores and online marketplaces - consciously choosing a healthy and toxin-free item is important. We know researching the correct ingredients and products along with the credibility of the seller is lengthy and frustrating, so we have created a list of items that are the perfect babyshower gifts. 

Custom Pacifier Clip / Teething Necklace 

Bebsi teethers and teething necklaces are not only beautiful, they also offer so many more benefits than what first meets the eye. Safe ingredients are our top priority when it comes to teething necklaces. Bebsi baby teethers and teething necklaces are a baby gift that will be useful for a solid two years. Did you know that they are customizable? In addition to our wide variety of colors and designs, the Minimalist and Chunk teethers offer up to 10 characters of custom letter beads, that can include the little ones name or a custom endearment. Bebsi teethers are versatile and useful in many stages of your little one’s development. Before teething, Bebsi’s organic cord loop can accommodate and secure a pacifier or toy in place of the 100% maple, coconut oil treated wooden teething ring. With your pacifier attached to 100% food grade silicone and toxin-free organic string threaded beads, it will never get lost from where it is clipped, and is safe to land in your little ones mouth. When the teething pains start to kick in, switch your pacifier for the teething ring, and secure it on the go, wherever you go. For additional pain relief, stick, your teether in the fridge for a couple of minutes to provide additional pain relief. 

Bath Products 

You can never have enough creams, soaps and items related to your little ones bath time, hygiene and health. With a multitude of artificially scented creams, soaps and wipes on the market, it is easy to get lured into purchasing for the incorrect reasons. Baby skin is sensitive, and there is no need to expose them to unnecessary chemicals early on, not just in relation to teething necklaces, but all products. Baby skin care products, ointments and creams by companies such as the honest company and burts bees are toxin-free, organic and don’t include any harsh chemicals and ingredients. Any basics and necessities are useful to gift, and make for a great gift. 

Pillow and Blanket 

As tempting as it is to purchase cute, colorful blankets and pillows in bright colors from department stores, these items are often produced with synthetic and toxic low cost ingredients. Because your little one will have skin contact to pillows and blankets, it is better to invest in a safer, healthier option for your little one. A safer alternative, are organic pillows and blankets without synthetic stuffing or dyes. These products can be found on many online shopping portals, and are much safer for the little ones. 

Organic Clothes 

We understand the joy of purchasing clothes for the little one, especially when your baby fever is in full effect. If you would like to gift clothes, choosing clothes made of organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes and all natural wood are the best choices. Because clothes have direct skin contact 24/7, it is better to spare a babies skin of any exposure to chemicals and toxins. Even though it is easiest to go for gender specific colors and patterns, neutral clothes are also a great choice, and can be easily combined with many different outfits and accessories. Always purchase functional clothing, especially for the super young ages, to make diaper changes easier. 

Masks and Gifts for Mom 

Even-though the baby is usually the center of attention and focal point of a babyshower or similar event, treating mom can be a thoughtful gift too. Because pregnancy can be long and uncomfortable, doing anything for mom is a way to gift thoughtfully. Gifts such as massages, organic spa treatments and belly masks are a way to an expectant mother's heart. We all know mothers need the pampering and relaxation the most, especially right before the arrival of their little ones. 

With many options to choose from when it comes to a toxic-free, organic and thoughtful gift, there should be an option for anyone here. After all, the last thing you want to gift the little one of your family or friends, is a toxic gift. There are many ingredients in cheap kids products or toys that are toxic, and can have a multitude of long-term dangerous health consequences. Gifting clean gifts are the best way to signify a gift that took thought and effort to select carefully and with their little one’s best interest at heart. If you want to take the extra step, customize a teething necklace for their baby. Personalized gifts are always a hit and are extremely helpful when it comes to knowing which teether belongs to whom later in their life. 

Here at Bebsi, we put our heart into creating high quality teething necklaces for the little ones in your life. Whether a gift or for your own, gifting the gift of a healthy, toxin-free future is the best thing we can do for our little ones.

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