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The Teething Timeline – A Guide to Purchasing a Teething Necklace

After the arrival of your little one, and adjusting to your new life as a parent, there are many things to anticipate. One of the most anticipated, and consecutively feared milestones in your little ones life is the beginning of teething. Medically, teething means the breakthrough of an infants first set of teeth through the gums. For us, teething means fevers, sleepless nights. Fussy babies and bottomless drool. Teething is a milestone in a babies life that is different and unique in timing and severity to each baby.

One of the biggest uncertainties of a parent is in regards to the timing of teething. When will it start? How long will it take? When will my baby have all of their teeth? When do I have to purchase the first teething necklace? When will the fussiness finally be over? Although there are no certain answers to any of these questions, let’s have a look at the average timeline. The average bebe will start teething between four and seven months. Of course, they may start teething earlier and later, in which case that should not be a reason for concern. The first teeth that are going to make an entrance around this time are the lower two incisors. The lower two incisors, in other words, are the middle bottom two teeth. Around the same time period, your bebe should be slowly starting to get more mobile, and might even turn themselves around alone, and start crawling. Your little one will also be discovering their grasp, and start to grab on to everything and anything. This is an amazing milestone in your babies life, however, can also start to make things a lot more difficult.

Along with their new-found grasp, babies will intuitively start trying to steer any item within reach towards their face, and chew on it for relief and comfort of their sore gums. During this time and any time moving forward, be aware of any items within reach that may be dangerous to them. An easy aide during this time is to purchase a teething necklace that will always be in reach before anything else is, and will keep the most dangerous items out of your babies mouth. The next time period and the hurdle is the period between eight and 16 months. Before your little one's first birthday, it will grow those top two incisors. Shortly after, the teeth right next to the top incisors will start to emerge. At the same time, their motor skills will improve drastically, being able to grasp specific items and throw and even roll them. Depending on your babies preferences, they may start standing alone and walking during this time. Your bebes teeth and first steps are important milestones, so the period between eight to 16 months is extremely exciting and significant. After their first birthday and by 22 months, your baby will grow their first molars on the top and bottom gums. These teeth can be especially discomforting on their way out, and babies will need extra teethers, cold and comfort from their parents. Not only the molars but also their canine teeth will make an appearance. Canine teeth are the sharp teeth one tooth down on both sides of the incisors. Between 22 months and 30 months, your now toddlers teething journey will almost be at the end.

The last hurdle is the second set of molars, which will show up on their bottom gums. Though just as painful, your little one will be partially verbal at this point and will be able to communicate their discomfort with you. Whether a headache or jaw pain, your little one will be able to tell you they are in pain and help you determine why they are not feeling good. After the second set of molars breakthrough, your babies teething journey will finally come to an end. They will be able to consume the full extent of solid foods and enjoy meals with you. Another milestone down, many to go. During the entirety of your little one’s teething journey, there are many tools that can help them feel better. Toxin-free, safe teething necklaces have a lot to offer to your babies sore gums and can help relieve much discomfort. Teething necklaces also double as the perfect distraction for playtime, and will never be dropped, as they are attached to your baby by a clip at all times. When choosing the correct teething necklace, make sure you consider the materials the toy is made of, on top of the design. Since a teether is in your little one's mouth for an extensive amount of time, it is vital no toxic ingredients and low-quality silicone is used. Bebsi Teething necklaces eliminate your worries when it comes to keeping your bebes away from toxic silicones and harmful ingredients. At Bebsi, we researched materials and created teethers for our kids, and are now sharing them with you, so you don’t have to worry or waste your time. As you can see, the babies teething journey is a long road, with frequent additions, adjustments, and milestones. We can never fully predict when which specific tooth will make their appearance, we can only provide you with the rough guidelines to stay prepared. No matter when exactly your little one will get their first teeth, it is important to stay prepared and gear up with the right remedies and teethers. During this time, patience is key, as your baby will be fussy, drool excessively and have a different schedule than usual. Babies that are teething may need extra attention, affection and a good teething necklace, as they don’t understand why they are uncomfortable, in pain and unhappy.

Overall, if you stay prepared, and don’t lose your marbles during this journey, both you and your bebe will do just fine. Even though the teething journey is lengthy, there will be breaks between the surfacing of each set of teeth for you to take a breather and both of you to relax. If all else fails you always have your teething necklace to rely on.

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