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How can I help my baby through teething?

When the teething stage hits, it can become a wild ordeal for babies and parents alike. For some, it can be flawless and easily managed but for others it can be a super drooling process. It’s all part of the magical rollercoaster of becoming a parent. This era can take place at different times but most likely by the end of their first year is when you’ll have to cope with this feisty phase in your child’s baby career. Once this stage starts, your little one will be incredibly uncomfortable, restless and simply miserable. There are times when you simply want to help your little love bug through the painful journey but don’t know how. To make this stage smooth and to overcome some of those sleepless nights, let’s check out some ways to finesse your baby into a grinning toddler... the Bebsi way! 

There have been many different tricks and trades used to remedy this maddening time, and your baby will be unique and have their own way of coping, so it is important to have some knowledge on the backburner in preparation, and a teething necklace handy. With endless ways to assist your baby, here are some core scenarios that may play out during, before, during and after the teething process; followed by a corresponding modality that can ease both of you during this utterly frustrating time period. 

Not Eating 

Customize that baby pallette! Keep a variety of snacks and foods available. Usually cool, soft foods can help get nutrients into that little belly. Sometimes even the touch of a cup or spoon is too hard for that sensitive mouth, making eating even more finicky. Grab some easy, cool fruits like pears, peaches, applesauce, bananas or pineapples; or vegetables like carrots, avocado, cucumber or celery. These options are easy to chomp on, tasty and sweet which allow some enriching substance to keep natural energy and immune system at its highest! 

Crying...crying..crying...it hurts! 

Poor thing just can’t get their mind off the pain. In this situation, use a clean finger, teething necklace or a moistened, organic cloth to apply light pressure with some all natural essential oils ( lavender, chamomile have super soothing properties; be sure to use with a carrier oil because these substances can be very strong at first... coconut or olive oil are the most tasty and baby-friendly) for your baby’s gums to distract some irritating discomfort. For some extra umph--make it cold in the freezer or under icy filtered water to help the burning sensations ease up. If you notice that frozen substances work best for you then freezing chamomile tea into a popsicle with some spices like ginger, cinnamon and turmeric can help the inflammation and pressure at the same time..try it out! 


Oh yeah, those molars are coming in fast and those jaws are looking for something to cling on to. This is where Bebsi can help! Try out a product like “The Chunk” to allow some playfulness while soothing those sore gums. It comes with an attachment clip so when your hands are full, the teething necklace is in sight and grab-ready! Chomping down on these harder materials can ease discomfort through pressure but this tool even encourages teeth to break through the gum barrier for that fully functioning smile. Most products are made of plastic or silicone which are usually made with BPA, PVC or Phthalates --known chemicals that disrupt the body’s natural rhythms. Your little tike is in such a critical developmental stage so staying far away from these dangerous chemicals is critical! Bebsi consistently has safety, clean and healthy materials in mind when creating teethers / teething necklaces and has a crafty, stylish bundle of options to choose from! 


Drooling is one of the biggest signs of teething. It gets really easy for the skin around the mouth the get rough and rash. It’s helpful to remove the saliva after drooling as a preventative. You can add a little coconut oil or specific soothing essential oils (mentioned above) on the end of a cloth to keep the area remaining soft and smooth. Keeping this area clean is important to prevent an excess of piled up bacteria which can eventually lead to an infection. Periodically wiping away that area is the best preventative. Bebsi’s The Cozy can help with a 2-in1 teething necklace and drool cloth. 

Rubbing, pulling, kicking, screaming 

Getting super touchy-feely and handsy can be a clear sign of pain in the gums that is traveling to the other targeted locations like ears, cheeks and other areas of the mouth. It’s best to rub around the area to ease some of that pain similarly to a gentle massage, another form of distracting the initial pain, along with a cold teething necklace placed on their cheek. In this case, there is a sign of ear infection so be sure to check in with a pediatrician if this gets worse or is accompanied by a high fever. Ear canals are likely to feel a little painful in some cases and should not be a large cause for concern unless the pain lasts an extended period of time. 

Restless Nights 

If your angel is losing sleep over pain, some midnight hangouts may be necessary. Cradling, holding and giving pure attention will highly benefit this situation. It’s a combination of distraction and movement that allow this process to smoothly set a tone to get your baby back to sleep. Touching and massaging around the cheek area is another way to calm some paining evenings before bed. 

Uh oh, cranky hour! 

TLC, baby! As you probably have been doing...shower that cutie with as much love and attention to keep them from focusing on the pain. The feeling of comfort and reassurance works wonders and creates a calming atmosphere for healing and soothing. Our The Cozy teething necklace is especially cuddle for these times. Hang in there, patience is a virtue but we wish the best of luck all parents going through this hindering time! 

Parenting during the teething phase can obviously be frustrating and stressful showing through a variety of different symptoms. Just remember to trust your experience and keep on eye on these various symptoms, the process can start anywhere from 3-15 months and they will continually push through until the full set of molars are complete. Bebsi is here to help ease those challenging moments with super clean, toxin-free, healthy options for teething necklaces.

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