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Welcome, Mommas!

So, guess what? We don’t care how you look, if you breast-fed, if you pushed that bebe out, if you had a C, if you sleep trained or if you still cozy up to your whining bundle of heaven. Just kidding, we love our kids more than anything. What we are trying to say is that we love you and think you're f*@k’n awesome!

We are two sisters. Bebsi (the tall one), short for Rebecca, is our mascot. That’s mainly because she was a mom first...and more creative and more fun. Then there's Ashley...she really doesn’t have a nickname yet since most of the ones we thought of aren’t suitable for a baby teething line.

"Having kids brought out my inner little girl. Through Bebsi, my sister and I are getting to relive our childhood."

Our story is twisted and weird and normal all at the same time. We love crafting, but we can also be super blah! The point is, we're not just a teething line. We are your family and we totally get you. We get the no sleep, we get the frustrations of feeding, we get that it seems like crying never stops, and we definitely support the glass of wine you're about to have (by the way, it’s ok to have more than one).

Our lives have been plagued with ups and downs. We have a brother who survived osteosarcoma when we were kids. We have a father who told prostate cancer to kick rocks. We have a mother who, despite having every obstacle imaginable thrown her way, has taught us that we can hold our heads high and be proud of who we are...no matter what. We have overcome addiction in our family. We have both managed to find time to graduate college. One of us was married and divorced then married again. I’ll let you guess who. Rebecca has struggled with fibromyalgia her whole life while Ashley is currently telling breast cancer it messed with the wrong mama.

Needless to say, we get you. We are your support system. We don’t just sell amazing teethers; we are your sisters, too. Join our family and follow along.

Tugable. Lovable.

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